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Meet Your Mentors

Dr. Titus L. Hopper, EdD; Educational Leadership, UNCC '23

Educator, Speaker, Motivator, Mentor, Advisor, Intelligent Action Specialist & Tactical Synergist


Titus L. Hopper was born and raised in Shelby, NC. Due to the loss of both of his parents at a young age, he was raised primarily by a dedicated village of neighbors, educators, family, friends and coaches. He graduated from high school and went on to attend North Carolina State University where he graduated with degrees in both Biology and Science Education. After several years serving as a middle and high school math and science teacher, he made the transition into school administration as a North Carolina Principal Fellow where he graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He was selected in 2018 to represent Cleveland County as the North Carolina Southwest Region Wells Fargo Principal of the Year. In March of 2023 he successfully defended his dissertation on "Motivational Factors Affecting Black Male Principals in Rural NC" and is now Dr. Hopper!!! At present he serves as the Career Readiness Coordinator for Cleveland County Schools and supports middle and high schools in their effort to increase their graduation rates. He serves as the executive pastor of Faith Harvest Church under the leadership of Bishop L. Randy Borders. Titus is a husband, father, pastor, award winning educator and school leader who is passionate about helping individuals and organizations go from good to greatER one strategic step at a time. He is a speaker, motivator, mentor, advisor and an intelligent action specialist whose personal mission statement is "to play a key role in making people's lives more significant and to give them the joy of experiencing God's presence, God's purposes, and God's power. His desire is to be a leader amongst leaders and an asset to everyone he comes in contact with. His goal is to help people find their bullseye and connect them with people who have similar targets. He believes that if we aim at nothing we’ll hit it every time but if we live on purpose we are sure to win. He also believes that a better ME leads to a better WE and that the journey to success is much sweeter when we aim at it and hit it together. He is the proud husband of Michelle R. Hopper and the blessed father of Josiah Benjamin and Lauryn Frances Elizabeth.  His favorite quotes is... "In every problem is an opportunity so large that it literally dwarfs the problem." He is a certified Intelligent Action Specialist and is excited about the opportunity to help people get from where they are to where they desire to be.


Michelle R. Hopper, MSN, RN​​

Speaker, Motivator, Mentor, Advisor, Logistics, Leadership & System Design Specialist


Michelle R. Hopper was born and raised in San Bernardino CA. Raised primarily by her mother and grandmother, she graduated from high school and traveled to North Carolina on an athletic scholarship. While in North Carolina she obtained degrees in Biology and Nursing from Shaw and North Carolina Central Universities. She is a master degreed registered nurse who has served in various clinical and administrative roles. She is well established as a competent and capable leader well known for her passion and concern for her staff and patients. She is a speaker, motivator, mentor, advisor and a change catalyst. Michelle is an accomplished health care professional competent in motivating and directing individuals and/or teams to achieve desired results. She is highly effective at managing multiple projects within a defined budget, timeframe, and scope of work. She is characterized by her peers, superiors, and subordinates as a confident and capable individual who demonstrates strong organizational and leadership abilities. Michelle serves well and loves the Lord. She is an ordained elder serving at Faith Harvest Church in Shelby, NC under the leadership of Bishop L. Randy Borders where she has served as Youth Pastor and currently functions as his administrative assistant. She is the proud wife of Titus L. Hopper, and the blessed mother of 3 years old Josiah Benjamin and Lauryn Frances Elizabeth. Michelle’s parents are Rev. Roosevelt and Yolanda Harris.  Her favorite quote is... "Relationships don't end wrong, they start wrong!" She has a passion for seeing people bloom where they are planted and reach their fullest potential. She is a certified System Implementation Design Specialist and is excited about the opportunity to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. 

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