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Have You Checked Your BLINDSPOTS???

It’s been a while since my last visit to the blogosphere! I woke up this morning inspired and encouraged to make today, tomorrow and next week better! I presented my students with a reflection question this morning. I challenged them to respond to this question, “If everyone in the world was just like me, what kind of world would this be?” I am convinced that we spend so much, well, too much time looking outward instead of looking inward and when we refuse to look inward, we fail to recognize our BLINDSPOTS!

I just recently bought a new truck. My wife has already told me that my Christmas and Birthday gifts sit beautifully in my driveway. I now have my “man truck"; however, I still have a list of “man tools” I want/need for Christmas.

I am thoroughly enjoying my new Ford F-150. I must say, it’s a very nice truck. I enjoy driving it. It’s a powerful and sleek machine with plenty of cabin room and is road trip ready! I once owned a Red Ford Explorer and prior to the purchase of my new truck, with regards to size, I thought that the truck and the Expedition would be very similar in size; however, my “man truck” is much larger! It's a supercrew that seats up to six!

I remember the day I went to test drive the truck. The owner of the dealership greeted me, gave me the keys and told me to go “take’er for a spin!” I climbed into the cabin, put on my seatbelt, started the engine, adjusted the seat, adjusted the mirrors and prepared to drive off. Right before I put the truck in drive the dealership owner told me to be careful to check those BLINDSPOTS. I gave him a thumbs up and exited the dealership. My goal was to get that truck onto the highway and air it out. Once on the interstate I did just that. As I floated down I-85 I prepared to change lanes and pass a few vehicles but prior to, I remembered the dealership owners words to “check those BLINDSPOTS.”

According to my wife my new truck is huge and it is. A big truck for a big man; however, the larger the vehicle, the larger the BLINDSPOTS! I had to be intentional about making sure I saw everything I needed to before making a move. Me checking my BLINDSPOTS had more to do with me than those around me. Matthew 7:3 encourages us to look introspectively into our own lives; however, I realize that there are too few of us who actually do this. We don’t spend enough time checking our own BLINDSPOTS. Our failure to check our own BLINDSPOTS hinders our corporate progress towards unity which was a prerequisite for the pentecost experience in the Book of Acts. Revival will not come until we figure out how to come together.

My truck, because of its size, has “special mirrors” that help me see my own BLINDSPOTS. Written on one of the the mirrors is a message that says, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” How often is our enemy right there in our BLINDSPOT and we fail to recognize him or even pay attention to how close he is to us? Right now, the enemy is in our BLINDSPOT doing what he has always done. He continues to whisper and share narratives that keep us divided. Since the beginning his goal has been to “divide and conquer.” Are we forgetting that he manipulated and divided some of the heavenly host? Are we blind to the truth that he continues to use this same strategy today! He has us divided theologically. He has us divided politically, racially, geographically, educationally, philosophically and morally. He has us going at each other over things that are so anti-kingdom.

It’s funny, I was riding through town most recently and I ran into an old friend. I stopped to speak to him and after taking a look at my truck he said to me, “Titus, I thought you were a Chevy man.” I responded to him by saying, "Nah, I’m loyal to the price and not the truck brand." Some of us are Chevy people, some of us are Ford people and some of us are Dodge people. I'm almost afraid to even bring the Nissan and Toyota truck people into the conversation or we may have a downright brawl!

I wish we would all be intentional about checking our BLINDSPOTS. Just like my truck has a special mirror, God has given us a tool to use to help us along our journey. Our special tool/mirror is called the “Holy Spirit” who I am convinced, most of us totally ignore! We CANNOT be a Christian Nation with so much hate among us! I am putting this challenge into the Blogosphere. I am challenging us all to slow down, look right, look left and take the time to look introspectively so that we can clearly see our own BLINDSPOTS. I hope we can see that the enemy just may be the inner-you!

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1 Comment

Yolanda G. Harris
Yolanda G. Harris
Nov 09, 2020

Wow, powerful! Thank you for sharing!🤗💕🙌

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